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Are you a storyteller, writer, screenwriter or filmmaker? Are you looking for new ways to improve your story?

Some believe there are no original plots left in the world. I think we have barely scratched the surface on what kind of creative storytelling can be achieved.

Original Plots: The Unified Field Theory of Storytelling represents innovative techniques for creating stories that are original and timeless.

The book covers how to design a story from start to finish through character relationships rather than routine formulas. The book also covers world building, character development, as well as tools to overcome the dreaded Writer's Block.

Everyone has a story to tell. Let your story be heard. Let this book be your guide.

This book is Non-Fiction

“Taking a story from concept to completion can be an intimidating task. In Original Plots, Bryan breaks down story creation in such a way that writer can view and organize their own thoughts and motives into a cohesive structure. It helps to align premise and scope while giving insight into the avoidance of hurdles that can bog down or break the writing process. His step-by-step approach makes the writer feel empowered instead of inundated.”

--Brock Roberts, author of Wielder of the Void: The Elderspire Saga

"Books like Bryan’s help people like me to understand the theory behind story creation, breaking it down. The first chunk of the book is centered solely on the mechanisms you would use to construct stories, the Five Act Structure, the use of World and Rule grids to create a framework, and it’s all explained very well."

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On a world known as Serin, in the small town of Doran, a brazen barmaid named Kari yearns for adventure. Being stuck tending bar night after night in a town full of travelers is not what Kari thought she’d be doing with her life.

When two explorers arrive at her bar, they give Kari the opportunity of a lifetime and a mission: To find a dark mage named Juro and the remains of a monster that holds clues to an ancient prophecy that may or may not destroy their world.

This short novella is meant to introduce readers to THE SERIN PROPHECY series of books.

This book is Fiction.



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