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Next Appearance: June 26-28, 2015 - Indy POPCON - Indianapolis, IN - Convention Center


You have reached the web site of Bryan O'Neill, author of Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction, and Non-Fiction on Storytelling. He was recognized in USA Today for his non-fiction book 'Original Plots: The Unified Field Theory of Storytelling.' This book is a 'how-to' on the subject of storytelling. The book covers topics such as character arc study, character development, world building, along with several tips to help Writers, Filmmakers or anyone wanting to sharpen their storytelling skills.

Currently, Bryan is hard at work finishing the first novel to 'The Serin Prophecy' series. This story is fantasy fiction. The book series will feature illustrations by world-renowned artist, Joel Cotejar. A novella called 'The Chronicles of Kari' is already available and meant as an introduction to the series.

There is much more to come! Thank you for visiting the site.

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